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Introduction to Sanity

Sanity is more than just a platform; it’s a community dedicated to mental wellness. We believe everyone deserves easy access to quality online mental health care, regardless of age or circumstance. Our mission is to make this process as simple and approachable as possible.

At Sanity, we connect individuals to a wide array of mental health professionals. We offer an easy-to-navigate platform that breaks down the barriers to mental health care, turning what can often be a daunting process into a manageable and even empowering journey.

Importance of Mental Health

Mental health is a crucial aspect of our overall well-being, impacting every part of our lives, from how we think and feel, to how we handle stress and make decisions. Yet, it’s often overlooked or neglected.

At Sanity, we strive to change this narrative. We want to create a world where mental health is not just a topic of conversation, but a priority for everyone.

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Check what our experts say about us.

An Amazing Experience

Working with experts helps us prepare for and cope with expected and unexpected challenges that arise in everyday situations.

~ Vanja and Viktor

Achieving more!

I use working with my therapist to progress faster and stay focused in the most challenging situations. I always want to give my best, and this form of work helps me achieve just that.

~ Lovro

Found the secret to live a full life!

The secret of how to bring out the best in oneself, how to overcome oneself, how to live oneself. It’s not an easy path and it requires discipline, dedication, passion, desire, and giving oneself completely. My coach’s name is Igor. My path is called the best version of myself. I train from 0 to 24, 365 days a year.

~ Mila

Great experience

Thanks to Sanity, my time and financial investments in marketing have decreased while my business continues to grow. Finally, I focus only on what I know and want!

~ Sandra


Organization and time planning are personally and professionally important to me. Sanity is a platform that provides me with exactly that. It increases my productivity while reducing distractions and energy drain. With Sanity, I feel calmer, more secure, and more prepared to provide the best possible support to my clients!

~ Igor


Sanity is a platform that helps me develop my business and gives me the opportunity to work with clients beyond the borders of our country. Thanks to Sanity, I no longer seek clients; they find me!

~ Ana

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What is Sanity and what services does it offer?

Sanity is an online platform that connects individuals with licensed mental health experts. We offer on-demand therapy, counseling sessions, and guided self-help resources.

How does Sanity work?

To use Sanity, you simply search through our list of experts or services that you are looking for, and press on ‘Book Now’. You can choose a date and time that suits you, and you will receive a confirmation from the therapist as well as a link to an online meeting through Zoom.

Who are the mental health experts on Sanity?

Our mental health experts are licensed professionals with a range of specializations. They include psychologists, therapists, and counselors who are committed to providing quality mental health care.

How does Sanity ensure the quality of its mental health experts?

All mental health experts on Sanity are thoroughly vetted to ensure they are licensed and qualified. We also provide a platform for clients to leave reviews, helping to ensure the quality of our experts.

How can I schedule a session with a therapist on Sanity?

You can schedule a session by browsing through our list of mental health experts, selecting the one that suits your needs, and clicking ‘Book Now’. You can then choose a date and time for your session. Once the therapist confirms, you will receive a link to an online meeting through Zoom.

What is the cost of therapy sessions on Sanity?

The cost of therapy sessions on Sanity varies as each expert sets their own hourly rate. Registering and posting services is completely free for mental health experts. Sanity charges a small service fee only when a client books a session. All payments are processed via Stripe’s secure payment infrastructure.

How does Sanity protect my privacy and confidentiality?

Sanity is fully GDPR compliant and takes privacy very seriously. We never share any data and we never have access to private calls between patient and expert.

Can I use Sanity if I’m currently seeing a therapist in person?

Yes, you can use Sanity’s services in conjunction with traditional in-person therapy.

How is Sanity different from other online therapy platforms?

Sanity stands out from other online therapy platforms due to its commitment to transparency and affordability. We have no subscription and no hidden fees. Experts can register for free and advertise their services for free. We only charge a small service fee when a client books a session.

What is Sanity’s mission and vision in the mental health industry?

Sanity’s mission is to revolutionize the mental health industry through innovation and cutting-edge technology, empowering both mental health experts and individuals to achieve their full potential. We envision a world where mental well-being is recognized as a fundamental aspect of overall health.

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